Issue While Retrieving Stored Procedures after Refreshing EDMX File in MVC Application

We’ve encountered an issue with one of our projects based on MVC 3.0 and MySQL. Entity Framework is used as the communication layer between the application and the database. Many stored procedures were used in the application and one day it was noticed that upon refreshing the EDMX file, all the stored procedure information is lost. This was quite frustrating as we’d to rebuild the EDMX file manually even when a small modification is done to any of the stored procedure or a new one is added.


EDMX file is added with 10 stored procedures and parameter for one stored procedure is modified. To reflect that modification, EDMX was refreshed. Instead of refreshing a single stored procedure, EDMX now shows nothing under the Stored Procedures node, as can be seen in the below image:


When the project was initiated, MySQL 5.5 was used and due to some other requirement our Sys Admin replaced MySQL 5.5 with MySQL 5.1. Because of this version mis-match EDMX was unable to get the information from the underlying database. To solve the issue, reinstalled MySQL 5.5 which has fixed the issue.



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