A case study of PineStem usage


This case study points out the proven process for our project management and business success by using the PineStem.

Once we had the requirements from the customer wherein our project manager had created a project and identified what technologies will be required for them. Each feature was created as a user story under the project, which was then divided into tasks.

It is difficult for a project manager to identify which resources are adept at what technologies. This is where the PineStem’s intelligence kicks in. Looking at historical data, PineStem calculated the employee efficiency and used this to recommend resources for the tasks that we’d created. This allowed us to identify resources with the required technology/competency. Tasks were also grouped into three sprints, with each sprint duration being two weeks.

PineStem Task Structure

At the end of each workday, we would log our work hours, either from the web portal or the PineStem mobile app. PineStem used these to calculate our efficiency and helped the project manager to keep an eye on the budgets.

To see the progress of the tasks in a given sprint, we have the project status reports section. Here, the following graphs were particularly useful –

  • Sprint burndown graph
  • Sprint overshoot graph
  • Task status graph

These graphs gave the project manager an idea of how much work was completed, and how much more time would be needed to meet the sprint deadlines. This allowed the team to gauge whether they needed to put in more hours to meet the sprint deadlines.

After we were done with our tasks, the QA team tested and raised bugs through PineStem’s bug tracking tool. Bugs were raised under the corresponding tasks. It also allowed our project manager to estimate how far a feature was from completion. Understanding what went into fixing a bug was easy since each bug had a comment section and status to track progress.

Project Report

The client was able to track the progress of the project via the Project status graph and Project load graph. We had 8 weeks to complete the project, we were able to meet that deadline and go live in the 9th week. The team worked hard, but PineStem also played a role in making the project successful.


PineStem has helped us out tremendously by mapping out a viable plan to achieve the goals i.e., a bigger picture. With the aid of sprints, we took action towards the smaller targets inside the project and capitalize on the important tasks which ultimately lead to our desired end-result.

Posted By: Abijeet Patro, Osmosee

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