Is Your Project Management Tool Learning on the Job?

You have probably heard a lot about big data. With the advent of the Internet, the explosion of electronic smart devices with superior computational power, almost every process in our world now uses some kind of software, to churn out huge amounts of data every minute.

It’s all around us now. We consume it in some way or the other, learn from it, apply it  or use it for performing some tasks. For example, think about social networks, information is stored about people, their interests, and their interactions. Think about process-control devices, ranging from smart cars to electric water pumps, which permanently leave logs of data about their performance. Even scientific research initiatives, such as the patient diary systems, which have to analyze huge amounts of data about our DNA.

There are many things you can do with this data: examine it, summarize it, and even visualize it in several beautiful ways. However, there’s another crucial use of this data: to make our systems more intelligent. This data can act as a source of solid experience and can help to improve any algorithms’ performance. These algorithms, which can learn from previous data, conform to the field of Machine Learning, a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. Now imagine if you were to apply this solid inventory of intelligent data and experience to your PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL!

Project Management Experts and Professionals constantly face complex and critical decisions. There has been growing interest therefore in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to enhance the project management cycle. The most crucial task being optimizing decision making using artificial intelligence (AI).

From resource allocation to appraisals project management can greatly benefit with the use of AI.

In this blog let’s enumerate three crucial areas where AI can effectively improve Project Management, outlining how they are used to assist decision makers in tackling key problems.

Effective Resource Allocation in Project Management

AI is always learning on the job. It’s getting intelligent every passing day with the data you fill and the experience you record. This experience comes in handy while planning. So, let’s say if you have assigned an employee a period of 6 weeks to complete a task but his past turnaround time for similar type of task has been 4 weeks, you get a timely flash to reschedule the calendar.

Moreover, Project management tools with AI keep a complete record of your resources, their strength and weaknesses, performance records and ranking. With this powerful source of data, the intelligent system is capable in helping you select the best candidate for any job.

For example in our project management tool PineStem, this is achieved through a feature called Resource Recommendation. For a given task, the system recommends the most ideal candidate for the job, making your task simpler in assessing resources. This feature is available whenever you create or update a task.

Timely Warnings to the Project Manager

Time is money. If any project is off track or delayed it can cost a drain on your resources. Corrective actions can be taken if you are well prepared and monitoring the tasks. Project management tools with AI do this day to day, minute -to-minute tracking for you. Raising Red flags and altering you when things go off pace. PineStem our intelligent agile based project management tool uses Alert PM feature to alert project managers and helps them taking corrective actions.

Through Alert PM feature, the Project Manager can set warning thresholds to alert him of the hours spent in the project. Let’s say the budgeted number of hours for a project are 500 hours, the project manager can set a warning mechanism to alert him once 400 hours are billed in the project. On completion of 400 hours the project management tool will automatically send alert email to all the project managers. Thus, giving them ample time for corrections and revisions.

Bug Tracking and Bug Pattern Detection

Every software developer and IT professional understands the crucial importance of effective debugging. Often, debugging consumes most of a developer’s workday. That’s where the Effective Debugging Tools of Project management systems come to rescue. Bug tracking tools available in most project management tools including PineStem helps programmers accelerate their debugging journey, by systematically categorizing, and reporting the different bugs found within the system.

AI takes this debugging process to a still superior level with Bug Pattern Detection. For this AI draws on its experience, and expands the arsenal of debugging process, helping Project managers identify repetitive serial bugs, and identifying developers behind these serial bugs. This information helps a project manager take appropriate corrective actions like training the developers in that specific area. This information also helps in review meetings and performance appraisals.

AI backed debugging is therefore a lucrative option for organizations as it helps in getting the job done—more quickly, with less pain and with a considerable scope of future improvement.

Artificial Intelligence thus makes the project management tool deliver increased efficiency, cost saving and faster development and delivery. AI therefore is undoubtedly an imperative component for any project management tool in today’s smart market.

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