Intelligent Project Management Software!

Intelligent Project Management Software :

In the modern-day, we are able to collate so much data that it becomes even more important to analyze it and use it effectively. Where PineStem has the edge over most project management software on the market is its ability not only to help users organize and analyze, but to present them with insights which can help get the best out of their teams. It does this through machine learning in software project management, hence we call PineStem as an Intelligent Project Management Software.

Role assignment

An important daily task for project managers is assigning team members to various tasks. In some cases, this is anything but clear, without trawling through records of past jobs. This can be time-consuming, and what if the project manager has only just joined the team and doesn’t have prior knowledge of the personnel? That’s where PineStem comes in, weighing up a range of factors – including relevant past experience and bugs raised – before coming up with the right person for a particular job. This can be vital when it comes to effective bug cost identification and reduction.

With time, PineStem is able to build up a ‘performance map’ which charts the performance of a programmer via programmer efficiency calculation, allowing his or her record to be tracked and analyzed. It all adds up to higher code quality, better efficiency and more reliable role assignment.

Designed for Agile

Agile project management is proven to get results, if you are using this model then PineStem is the project management software for you. Using the process of ‘sprint and review’ is a good way of breaking up your projects, but unless you are on top of daily progress, you can still fall behind. PineStem is key to tracking sprint progress and incorporates past learning in order to examine sprint performance and let you know when a sprint might overshoot.

But it isn’t just the project itself which can be tracked, analyzed and improved. Thanks to the artificial intelligence in software project management, PineStem gets right to the core of the performance levels in each sprint, giving you the means to weigh up the current status of your project and make any necessary tweaks on a daily basis. That’s the best way to ensure that any potential issues are rectified before they become serious problems.

Demand more, with intelligent project management software. Stay on track with PineStem.

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