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Dynamics 365 – Editable Grids in CRM

Posted on November 24, 2016 by in CRM Solutions

The much-awaited feature of full-fledged inline editing in grids is now an OOB feature in Dynamics 365. As a company, which has been working in MSCRM for a decade and knowing requirements of various clients of ours-we were delighted to see this in action.

CRM Port

Posted on July 4, 2016 by in CRM Solutions

CRM Port (Import Tool) is equipped to make import/update/delete data from the CRM easy. Supported files include .xls, .csv.
One of the key features of Import Tool is the flexibility to use it on all the Microsoft Dynamics platforms (Online, On-Premise, Hosted).

XRM Webkit

Posted on July 4, 2016 by in CRM Solutions


Osmosys is delighted to introduce its new service “XRM Webkit” to all the Microsoft Dynamics CRM users at free of cost.

Communicate with WCF web service from JavaScript using CRM actions

Posted on August 10, 2015 by in CRM Solutions

For one of our clients’ we needed to communicate to a WCF service using JQuery/Ajax from CRM.

CRM is a hosted version, uses IFD and the WCF service which communicates to and from CRM uses http protocol.

When we tried to access the WCF web service method directly from JQuery Ajax call, it was throwing a  cross domain error. CRM Actions came to the rescue this time. We would like to share the approach we have taken to call WCF from CRM javascript.

Dynamics CRM Portal Using Orchard CMS

Posted on April 13, 2015 by in CRM Solutions

Orchard is an open source Content Management System which is built on ASP.NET MVC platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated with Orchard, to create CRM web portals. Jim Wang created one such CRM Module for Orchard.


Dynamics CRM web portal is a front end application which is built as module in Orchard CMS. It supports Microsoft dynamics CRM 2011,2013 and 2015 (online and on premise).

Move a CRM Processed Email from Inbox to another Folder in Exchange Mailbox

Posted on October 28, 2014 by in CRM Solutions

One of our clients uses MS CRM 2013 Online and Exchange Online. The requirement is to convert a received Email into a case and then move that processed email to a specified folder. Though Dynamics CRM 2013 provides an out of the box solution for converting an Email to a Case, this client’s requirement warranted a custom solution.

The picture below shows the flow of events that are involved in achieving this requirement.

CRM 2013 Features

Posted on January 18, 2014 by in CRM Solutions

CRM 2013 includes much awaited features which were being requested by the CRM users, which has made MS CRM more user friendly. Let us take dive into the new features included in this latest instance.

 Editing on par with Desktop apps

Inline editing in a grid is a very common feature in desktop applications which made its way into web apps too. MS CRM introduced this feature in the sub-grids such as Opportunity Products, Quote Products.

MS CRM Online CRM Authentication using MS CRM 4 SDK

Posted on June 18, 2013 by in CRM Solutions

Microsoft has upgraded all MS CRM 4 online instances to 2011 quite a while ago. Many users’ utilize custom solutions (ASPX etc.) which connect to the online instance and provide additional or advanced features. It is likely that all such solutions still use MS CRM SDK v 4.0. Although Microsoft and best practices dictate that all such code should be upgraded to MS CRM 2011 SDK, it is again likely that the time and cost involved could’ve prevented many.

This article is for all such users’ who could’ve experienced sudden trouble with WILD ticket retrieval. It also assumes that code similar to the attachment/below is used to get a WILD ticket.

CRM 2011: Skype and Bing Integration

Posted on March 21, 2013 by in CRM Solutions

With Skype being integrated with MS CRM 2011 out of the box, it gives greater access to people/customers and changes the way we communicate with customers.

Skype Integration:

With Skype we can make calls straight from CRM without the need for a Phone Integration. Of course for this to work, Skype needs to be installed on the user’s machine and we should have the facility to call from Skype

CRM 2011: Modes

Posted on December 21, 2012 by in CRM Solutions

What is Application mode?

When this option is enabled MS CRM launches into a special Internet explorer window that does not have menu bar, address bar, and tool bar. This option is to hide additional features which are not required for normal users. However, this option has an annoying behavior where a message box is shown before MS CRM is opened in another window. (This was default behavior of CRM 3.0)