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How to Solve Common Problems In Custom Software Development?

Posted on February 12, 2019 by in Software Development

Custom Software Development

A clever person would want to solve the problem. A wise person better AVOIDS it. – Osmosys

What is Software?


The software is a collection of data or a set of instructions that tells the computer how to work and it enables the computer to perform a specific task. The software handles an abundance of our daily utility and specialized tasks a user would want to perform, such as accounting, communicating, data processing and word processing, etc.,

How does Software help today?


With the introduction of technology in the modern world, challenges faced by business communities are solved by revamping the existing infrastructure with advanced custom software.

There are various processes involved in developing software, it is simple to outsource that segment, but the team which works on drafting the whole software program has to understand and design it in such a manner that it meets the requirement of its end users that is you. The primary goal of a software institution is to build a product that not only fetches more profit but also realizes user confidence in them.

After a continuous effort to solve the difficult areas in this aspect of our clients; based on our experience, we, at Osmosys have analyzed the most common issues while developing new software products and also have listed the following points which if you follow, you won’t have a hard time developing software.

Smart Overlook:

Smart check for all the functions and operations where Mathematics and numbers are involved. To make sure there aren’t any incorrect calculations.


While developing the software; the response time and the transaction throughput rate has to be rapid and swift; which effects the performance of the whole software.


Sometimes it also happens that the data, which is shown to the user through the software, is correct but the user might not be in a position to thoroughly understand the data. It may sound like a problem, but It isn’t as the user will be entirely dependent on the data which the computer (software) provides.

Any confusing or misleading data that a computer system provides can prove to be very costly sometimes.

Adequate Security controls:

Adequate Security controls

Sometimes often, unauthorized access to the system is not adequately controlled and detected. In such incidences, others may also be able to perform transactions due to the lack of authorization levels checks for appropriate job roles. For example, a person who doesn’t have any managerial intervention but due to inadequate privacy access might be able to approve by their own over time. Or, a person who isn’t a part of the payroll department might be able to view the other employee’s payroll files.


In any field you may land, if you do not garner the knowledge it requires, you know sooner or later, you’ll know that you aren’t fit for that particular area of specialists. At Osmosys, we give utmost importance to one’s knowledge in our Software business. We do not encourage folks with a lack of knowledge as it comes with high risks for project development. We believe in regular checks on the work. So if we feel you are not ready to check the project on a daily basis on your own, you need to have an internal person to assist in this.

Our understanding firms that without an experienced and dedicated Project Manager, managing a development team will never be a cakewalk and only become a challenging task. Be assured, for all your projects, we at Osmosys, have a team of dedicated Project Managers who have the best of abilities to meet your requirements that you’ve set clearly and to always help the team to move in the right direction only towards reaching the top.

 Correctly blending and Merging of data –

 Correctly blending and Merging of data

There can be situations where data is obtained from one source and blended or/and merged with data from another source. Examples can include sorting multiple files into a single file or table or matching data from the master file to an ID number entered as a lookup entry. This can create a high impact on an organization.

So, we at Osmosys help you build a system that not only solves the confusion of the files but also help you with the sorting, better alignment, records storage and also create a kind of environment that may help you work freely without having to think about any misses.

 With those keys specified, we always can’t rest assured that software will never go wrong, right? It is widely assumed that software is once developed will work faultless for life.

At Osmosys, we believe in testing things out before we set the product with the end users. Because we understand the importance of running multiple checks in software development before the product launches at your doorstep.

It not only discloses the errors that may occur through the initial development stages but also assures its creators the performance it’s going to deliver and the capability of the application to make it satisfactory to end users, that is you. Which, in turn, helps us gain confidence in the user market since the delivered software is of top quality.

Software testing in a Go –

Software testing in a Go

Osmosys believes in nothing less but quality product. Software testing is a crucial process which comprises of several interlinked processes which basically looks at the three following things –

  • Software completeness concerning functional requirements
  • Identifying the technical bugs and
  • Assuring that the software is a bug-free, evaluating enforcement, security, and installation.

The software can go in small parts, as a whole, or within an active system. Going through each of these certifications decides if the software product is suitable to use or not. The performance in each of these tests would help in determining the perfection and changes that should make the app a better one. Cutting off these lags will help the testing team run successive tests that prove the overall performance of the software. Until the software attains an aspired level of quality, this sequence will keep going on.


The primary goal of Osmosys Software entity is to give you an assurance of good faith and build up the trust of the best work any software entity can provide at the best of resources. Software testing is a crucial component of software development and Software Development’s ongoing. Especially when it is done from the initial levels of the development process, it can be of excellent use to enhance the performance of the products with the focus given to each unique user’s interface and experience.

Although it is sometimes difficult to see the importance of testing, it shouldn’t be measured purely at cost and time, preferably in the high value that it brings.

If you’re ready with your Product, in hand. Trust us and give it a try to test it with our Independent Testing Team So once you ensure that the product doesn’t have any unidentified Functional, Performance or Security defects. You will be best at every cost. At Osmosys, we also provide end to end solutions for software product development, application development, Dynamics CRM customization, and cloud services.

What are you waiting for? Contact Osmosys now, your trustable software service provider.

Software Testing – The Secret Ingredients of a Successful Software

Posted on February 5, 2019 by in Software Testing


Softwares are all over the place in today’s markets. Although building software and channelizing it is considered significant, one cannot deny the fact that testing is a phase that is abandoned. It is widely assumed that software once developed will work impeccably with no issues. But on the contrary, it does not happen so.

Software Testing At A Glance

Software testing is a range of processes that examine and assess the condition of software and its application. Testing makes sure whether the software product is being built in accordance with business, functional, regulatory, technical and user requirements. Software testing is a wholesome process that comprises several interlinked processes that check the three following things –

  1. Software completeness concerning functional requirements
  2. Identifying technical errors and assuring that the software is bug-free
  3. Evaluating enforcement, security, usability, localization, adaptability, and installation.

The software can go in components, as a whole, or within an active system. Going through each of these tests decides whether the product is suitable for use or not. The performance in each of these tests helps in determining the corrections and changes that make the app a better one. Resolving these errors helps the testing team run subsequent tests that prove the performance of the software. Until the product attains an aspired level of quality, this sequence recommences.

Why Software Testing?

Software Testing

It is important to run multiple checks in software development before delivering the product. It not only reveals the errors that occur through the development stages but also ensures the performance of the application to make it satisfactory to end users. This, in turn, gains the confidence of the user since the delivered software is of superior quality.

It is imperative to have the software tested to be a good market player be it any industry.  It is highly risky to neglect these detections that come up during testing as it might affect the entire image of the product and the company that makes it too.

Benefits of Software Testing

Initially, it was difficult for testing experts to convince to the management that software testing was crucial for a given project. The management always considers the testing process an unnecessary and costly affair. The thought behind this attitude towards testing could be the return on investment on this process. But the fact is that software testing is an invaluable tool for business optimization. The advantages of software testing are enormous, and they have a significant role in the entire business.

Go the extra mile

Go the extra mile

Testing undoubtedly ensures that the quality of the software developed is maintained and enhanced which is essential for the user. The quality factor of the software can also earn a little more revenue over the top for the delivered product. Higher income and satisfactory user experience are the two faces for the coin of the company’s image in the market. This is what retains the value of the company for long-term benefits.

Corner the market!

Corner the market

The core of every market is a satisfied customer. While selling a product, one needs to consider that this is not the ultimatum. The buyer is capable of demanding a refund if the product is not up to the mark. When this happens, there is a good chance that a situation of fixing the errored product or replacing it completely might take a toll on the expense of its development. That is when you might realize that it would have been better to control the quality of the product by implementing a testing phase in the development process since the start. Only when the software testing is done right, there is a guarantee that the product is useful and reliable. The ultimate goal of any organization is to satisfy the user. User experience is a vital factor while releasing products on the market. It is essential to make the software product easy to use, lucid, simple. It is only possible for the testers to assure these factors. The experience they hold will make sure that the software designed is logical and intuitive. Excellent user experience requires the software to be clear of bugs and faults since they could be a cause of disappointment for users. Quality of a product and enjoyable user experience is attained by choosing good software testing service done by a professional team.

Raise the bar

Raise the bar

The testing phase in software development forms a small yet essential part of the profit generation. It negates a portion of expense on promotion because the quality of the software will speak for itself in the market through word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth endorsement is the most valuable advertising tool that can get you more users and market value. The user of this software also gets an essence of efforts put by the developer when the testing phase is implemented since it removes most possible issues and errors from the developed product. This helps retaining old consumers and gain new ones.

The Software testing phase not only brings profit but also cuts down the possible expense towards the renewal or changes to be made to the software. The idea is that the software is well developed and does not require constant fixes in the future.

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing

The ultimate benefit of software testing is business optimization. A comprehensive result of all the points mentioned above is business optimization. More satisfied users, the retention of users, lesser expenses of fixing a software product, fewer charges of customer servicing, excellent quality, and more reliability on products, grown reputation, and brand image come hand in hand to contribute of business optimization.


The primary goal of a software entity is to release a product that not only brings in more profit but also realize user confidence in them. The testing phase doesn’t seem to contribute to this according to a majority of management level personnel. However, software testing is a vital and essential component of software development and the Software Development Life Cycle. Especially when it is done from the beginning of the development process, it can be of great use to enhance the performance of the products with the main focus given to the user’s experience.
It is also beneficial because it increases the return on investment with higher percentages. Testing will make sure that higher standards are maintained in the development and in the delivery of products which in turn leads to retaining old customers and bringing in new ones.
Although it is sometimes difficult to see the importance of testing, it shouldn’t be measured purely in cost and time, preferably in the high value that it brings.

If you have your Product ready, give it to our Independent Testing Team to ensure that the product doesn’t have any unidentified Functional, Performance or Security defects. At Osmosys, we also provide end to end solutions for software product development, application development, Dynamics CRM customization, and cloud services.

Do you need help in software testing for your business? Contact us.

Top 6 Software Development Trends Predictions in 2019

Posted on January 19, 2019 by in General

The previous year has observed a substantial growth throughout the mobile app development trade, but 2019 is anticipated to be further innovative. It’s a well-known fact that we live in a world that is fast moving towards technological developments every moment. 2019, the last teen year for the rest of the century needs to have some importance when it comes to standing out in the technological development era.

Technology keeps growing as per the requirement of the user. Though it gets outdated, it is always useful in the future to know how the bugs should be resolved. Technology growth enables both change and progress in the user techniques and development of technology.

This year is anticipated to bring us the following fresh batch of software development trends.

     1. Programming Languages Come Back!

Experts have noted the process of primary functional programming language bouncing back as far as 2019 is concerned. But the trend forthwith continues to change the field of software development, and in 2019 it will seemingly grow even more established.

When it comes to programming languages, emphasis will place on tasks such as parallel computing support, qualitative error checking during the compilation process, and providing a compressed and expressive syntax.

Programming Languages

The programming language first developed by Konrad Zuse which is a high-level programming language known as Plankalkül, from 1942 to 1945 with a compiler programmed by Corrado Böhm in 1951.

The advanced programming language Cloud Computing was already existing as a technology, but it took a while to come into use as the bugs kept coming and the issues had to be resolved.

  1. Artificial Intelligence driven development

All through 2018, there was a clear trend of a rise in the platforms, applications, and tools based on Artificial Intelligence. These technologies have not only impacted the Internet and the software industry but also other sectors such as manufacturing, automobile, healthcare, legal, and agriculture.

AI-driven development is a blending of the best tools, technologies, and practices to build AI-equipped development tools and the incorporation AI into applications and software. The rapidly developing technology of AI grants significant development opportunities that a lot of companies have already been ready to grab.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern infrastructure and applications are producing recorded data which is captured for searching, indexing, and analytics. These massive data sets are obtained from the operating systems, server software, hardware, and application software. They can be correlated and aggregated to get insights and models. IT operations modify from being reactive to predictive while machine learning models are applied to these data sets.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is making a strong case for the future with various use cases. A few of its other uses are the distribution of resources, smart contracts, identity management, healthcare data, and supply chain management. The blockchain technology also facilitates the authentication of numerous large-scale transactions in seconds; one can anticipate businesses to cut their costs by employing it to the whole supply chain while streamlining the processes. There is an anticipation of the constant growth of this technology to happen in 2019.

The blockchain is a remarkable invention. Blockchain development will be not only about cryptocurrencies or crypto exchanges in 2019, but it will change the aspect of the healthcare and finance industries. Gartner analysts have published in their recent Trend Insight Report that “the blockchain revolution promises to touch every industry.”

  1. Cybersecurity


Hacking is the most common cyber threat all through the world with a new technique every day but is given insignificant importance. As the technology doesn’t seem to be emerging though it has been around for a while evolving as other techniques.

The evil hackers will never give up on hacking the data and get access illegally. They even continue to get through the most robust security measures. According to an expert, one of the three advancements to modify security are hardware authentication, cloud technology, and deep learning. Cybersecurity will be existent till we have hackers. Another that adds to the list is the data loss prevention and behavioral analytics.

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

To enhance the use with environment  Augment Reality(AR) and to immerse the user in an environment Virtual Reality(VR) is used. Primarily, VR was used for gaming and also for training with VirtualShip.

VirtualShip is used to train Navy, Army, and Coast Guard Ship captains in the USA as it is simulation software. The famous game that went viral during the year 2017-2018 is and the perfect example of Pokemon Go.

The Virtual and Augmented Realities have tremendous potential in education, marketing, training, entertainment, and for injuries in the rehabilitation center. In the top reputed hospitals, these are used for trained doctors to do surgery and for deeper experience at the museum-goers too.

  1. Edge Computing

 Edge Computing

The major player Amazon Web Services(AWS) has become mainstream with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud dominating the market. With more and more migration of business to a cloud solution, there is a growth in cloud computing. Edge Computing has taken over Cloud Computing, so no longer cloud computing is emerging.

The bugs of cloud computing have been realized as the quantity of data that are being dealt with started to increase. Edge computing was developed to overcome the flaws in cloud computing with better features and process with a way to bypass the latency caused and getting data to the data center for the procedure.


 As organizations go through the digital transformation, they also expect a potential to increase their exposure to risk. It seems like the two most important resolutions for the year 2019, is enhancing security and eradicating susceptibilities of development. The technology industry is now leading towards achieving more holistic and user-centric services that help satisfy customer expectations. The investment in technology holds the solution to advancement. However, it is a difficult proposition to predict trends in technology. Considering the relentless global competition and the accelerated speed of technological innovations, Osmosys plans and utilizes developing technologies to keep your business protected and at the vanguard of the industry.